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WindowWall limitations...

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We're trying to model a relatively simple building with a curved curtain wall than runs up several stories. No compound curves, nothing fancy...should be able to do that right?

- When using Stories we want the WindowWall tool to be storey compliant so we use storey height spans. How do you get it not to duplicate the transom (horizontal mullion in US speak) at floor level?

- Why can't you set Transom and Mullion independently. They are hardly ever the same section in reality. We want deep mullions and skinny transoms. This can't be done right?

- Why can't you turn off the top/bottom transom, like you can turn off the first/last mullion?

My own conclusion...by the time you've learned the tool, learned of its limitations (practically everything), moaned about it on the techboard, tried a few workarounds....you're better off just drawing the bloody thing in primitives. BIM? hah.

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