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Rendering quirk


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I am experiencing a odd issue when rendering. I have a VW 2011 file that has native vector information, an imported PDF and a referenced model of a building. The referenced model renders fine, but the native vectors (lines, polylines) are pixelated and real low res.

I have attached the image in wireframe though Final RW. Any ideas on what this might be?


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I am in a model layer so there is no DPI control. As for the res on the referenced PDF, I am not aware of a way to control the resolution of a PDF. It shows fine in top/plan view, and in wireframe, but as soon as I go into anything other than that, it becomes distorted.

I think I need to explore here a little bit and try what Carl is suggesting. I will report back on what I find. In the meantime, keep any suggestions coming!

Thanks for the help!

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I did a little experimenting and was surprised by the results. Is your PDF still a PDF Page in the Object Info Palette? My tests showed that a PDF only shows up as a blank rectangle in OpenGL and Final Renderworks unless I ungroup it. When its ungrouped the bitmap part seems to convert to a low res proxy but then its visible in OpenGL and Final Renderworks.


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