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Where is SP2?

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Guest Jim Kelly

There is no difference in availability of updates between VSS users and people who purchase directly.

Regarding your computers, presumably you are you a US user, using a US serial?

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Jim, I think there is a problem with non-US versions seeing the updates. As a Canadian user, I've downloaded both service packs for VW2012 myself, since "Check for updates" doesn't see them.

As an observation, Nemetzchek is generally inconsistent as to how the service packs are released. Sometimes they are announced in these forums, other times in a Vectorworks Dispatch, sometimes on Planet Vectorworks and sometimes I hear from my distributor. The announcement never seems to happen consistently across all sources at the same time. It would be great if there was a standardized way of announcing them.


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Guest Jim Kelly

Yes, there can be differences as to when the international distributors release theirs. I'll pass on a message to look into this. Note that downloading the US updater and applying it to the

And Kevin, I can see why what you are seeing would be frustrating. I'll see if we can't standardize things going forward.

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