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Give us use of the F-keys on the keyboard

David L


There a 12 minimum F-keys on all keyboards (19 on the current Apple keyboards) but there is no way to assign commands or tools to them with the Workspace Editor. I've been making use of F-keys for 15+ years by using QuicKeys, but they should be assignable with the Workspace Editor. That way your custom Workspaces could easily be carried forward from one version of Vectorworks to the next.

I have Vectorworks setup to use all 19 F-keys with 3 additional modifiers so I assign 76 commands, pref toggles and multi-step macros to the F-keys alone. Of course the multi-step macros can only be created with a scripting utility like QuicKeys or Automator. I see they have finally implemented preference toggles in Vectorworks 2012, but I've been using simple Vectorscript created commands to do the same thing with a keystroke for 10+ years. I guess people just work more slowly without quick keyboard commands available.

76 key commands may sound crazy to most, but I also use a printed keyboard template attached to the keyboard for the lesser used commands. You'd be surprised how quickly you can memorize that many commands when they are logically organized and prioritized.

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I agree. And VW should implement a actionscript style toolbar a la photoshop, so that users can call commands and perform mundane tasks. I know that Vectorscript is supposed to deal with this, but it's evident from the postings on this board that most people don't have the time or wherewithal to write scripts.

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