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Keynotes crossing sheets

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I have a project with several sheets, each with its own set of Keynotes. Somehow the Keynotes for A1 are showing up on A3, and I can't get rid of them. When I Edit Keynotes in the Info Box, the A1 notes don't appear (only the A3 notes do), and when I convert every Callout in A3 to being NOT a Keynote, all of the A3 Keynotes disappear from the list, but the A1 notes persist.

I've checked, and there are no hidden copies of A1 Viewports on Sheet A3. If I delete the Keynote Legend and then reconvert all the A3 Callouts into Keynotes, the A1 Keynotes reappear (also, their numbers don't correspond to anything on A3 - Callout #1 is a note about a roof, but #1 on the Legend is about some columns on A1; the roof note shows up as #41 or something).

I need to get this drawing to a contractor, but it's nonsense right now. Please help!

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I am getting the same problem.

Keynotes show up on all sheets or design layers with each keynote list showing all the keynotes for the entire file.

e.g. on my power plan Electrical Keynotes list for the first floor includes keynotes assigned to the second floor, landscape lighting, 1st & 2nd flr. lighting, exit window keynotes for the 2nd floor plan, mechanical keynotes, plumbing keynotes and finish keynotes.

When I go to the other sheets, guess what? The same lists of keynotes show on all the other sheets!

There is a place in the Callouts OIP that shows a drop down for assigning a keynote to a defined Keynote list, e.g. "Lighting Keynotes 2nd Floor" with the first item showing as "Default Keynote List". If you select the "Lighting Keynotes 2nd Floor" as the desired placement, VW rapidly assigns it back to "Default".

Thus the Keynotes lists are not sheet or design layer specific, but are Global. This creates confusion and a lack of clarity.

I am having to convert all my Keynotes to Callouts in order to complete my drawings. This makes for a lot of note boxes and Loooong arrows across the drawings to convey information to the builders.

I am posting this as a Bug Report as well.

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Were your sheets created by duplicating other sheets? Or was the file converted from a previous version to v2012? VW has some undesirable behaviour in these instances. Relevant wish list item here:


To resolve the above, if I'm reading your problem correctly and I remember correctly what I did, for each sheet/layer you have to select all the Callouts, uncheck "Place as Keynote", and then go around and select each single Callout and check "Place as Keynote" and then choose the correct Keynote Legend from the drop down menu in the object info palette. You might be able to do them all at once I can't remember. But you have to do this for every single sheet/layer in the file that has Keynotes.

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Here's the screen shot of the drop down that shows available keynote lists. All except "Default" are not selectable!

Way big program bug.

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Tried your work around on several 2009 legacy files. Same result - Keynotes are always 100% defaulting to the "Default" keynote list and all other choices are unselectable.

Changing them to call outs and then back again - always the same result. I cannot make them get into the correct, sheet or layer specific lists.

I am starting a new project in VW 2012 and wonder what Keynotes will do in the new file.

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We had a similar problem. It was caused by moving a section viewport containing keynotes from one sheetlayer to another. Using Christiann's method we were able to remove the corruption caused. It would be great if VW contained code to self-correct for this kind of thing.

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