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Show/hide wall components


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If I show a plan in a sheet layer viewport I have the option through the Advanced Properties... button on the OIP to show or hide the wall components. If I show the wall components there is no problem, but if I hide them and if I have used Interior and/or Exterior Wall Details in windows or doors then the walls don't display properly: there are gaps the width of the jamb details on either side of the openings. The attached file hopefully shows what I mean.

Is there a way of using the same plain fill for the jambs as for the rest of the walls?

Incidentally I realise that I don't need to have any jamb details if the walls are plain filled, but this means drawing the windows twice or some other inefficient work around.

I'm using v2012 on a MacBook Pro running Lion.



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I have experienced this. I think its a bug. I'm going from memory now but I think it came about jumping back and forth from 2d to 3d views. I was able to fix it by regenerating the plug-in or entering and exiting the symbols. Perhaps it was regen from the 3d view. At any rate, it was annoying but by fiddling with I was able to make them go away. If I recall, however, the problem often would re-occur and I had to keep an eye on them before any plots. I never did find a specific cause. I haven't had the problem for a year or two now.

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