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Urgent help with 3D interior objects for vectorworks

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I was wondering if there is any website where I could download 3D interior objects from? For instance, site like "http://www.artlantis3d.com/".

I am designing a a boutique hotel suites and the resource browser does not offer what I am looking for.

Please help me if you could.

Many thanks in advance


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Find the object you want in Google's 3dWarehouse on the web. Download the object. It will be in Sketch Up format (.skp)Open VW with a new, blank file and from the File menu select Import>Import Sketch Up. Navigate to the sketchp file you downloaded, and it should import into VW. There are some options to importing, but I usually leave them as at the default settings. I think it depends what you are importing.

You can then manipulate the object in VW, and use it your VW project.

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Note that with the 'Import Sketchup' method that Tobias described above, only the geometry from the SketchUp file is imported, not the textures. If you want to get the SketchUp textures imported correctly into Vw, you'll need open the SKP file in SketchUp Pro and select 'Export to 3DS': see this Youtube video for additional info:

If you don't already have it, you'll need the SketchUp Pro version ($495 USD), not the free version, in order to Export to 3DS. But you can use the 8-hour time-limited trial version of the Pro in order to Export to 3DS.

If you need further information, please see this Knowledgebase article VwKB :: 3rd Party File Formats - Google SketchUp


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Hello Rdesign,

I have not still got my head around the exporting..... I have followed both instructions, the site you provided and your won, but the problem has not been solved for me yet. I will explain you the steps I took and please correct my mistakes.

- I choose an object from 3d warehouse save it and open it in Sketch up

- Go to file and choose export and I get a drop down list and I choose 3d model

- I then get into the saving part where the format option also appears. I do not know which format to choose and I have tried to choose all of them to see which one would work, but is taking me long and I am running out of time as my deadline is very soon.

Please advise me on how to pressed further with the format option and also how to import it in Vectorwrorks

Many thanks Rdesign

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