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Structural shapes

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Try this:

Place an structural shape (PIO); then edit it's attributes via the attributes pallete, assigning a hatch in the fill panel...that's all.

I tried via class styles and didn't work.

Good Luck!

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Sure, use the attibute pallet.

You can also ungroup them so you have full control over the object. The reason they don't respond to the class setting is because the internal bits are not getting the class. Just the outside PIO wrapper.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

[ 05-28-2002: Message edited by: Matthew Giampapa ]

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Nope. Forcing the attributes to the structural shape doesn't work. The only solution I've found thus far is to Symbol-to-Group the object, thereby decomposing it to a polyline. The fill or hatch then works as it should.

I remember that these shapes in v8 would not accept a line type other than solid. Fills worked fine, and other line characteristics worked (colour, lineweight), but I was unable to get a dashed line unless I decomposed the object. The same behavior presents itself in v9, with the addition of the fill problem.

Is the 'no dash allowed' by design? If so, why? If not, then that information is not getting passed to the object being drawn.

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Patterns and hatches can be used as fills. Line dashes can not be changed. It is just how the object was written.

I'll flag it as a bug, but your best bet to change all of it's options is still to ungroup it from a high level object. (the convert to group command is effectively the same thing)

If your still having the fill problem, make sure you are using the version 9 plug-in, not one that was created from version 8.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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