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creating a flat pattern for a frustum (a truncated cone)

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I need to flat pattern a 3-d frustum so that it can be replicated in paper for a white model. Once I have the frustum created in VW, how can I break it into surfaces and get the curved portion to lay flat? (Once I get that far, I can change the object to a polygon, and use that as my paper pattern.)

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I needed to make a 4-foot tall paper cup.

I made the cone using the cone tool. (You can also use make a tapered extrude) I chopped off the pointy end using the split tool.

Convert to Nurbs.


Unfold surface (in the 3d power pack)

And voila, I have the patterns for the cup.

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hello all,

is think its time that there is a competition for the most original and unconventional use of VWs.

categories could be >>> puppet houses, food design, miscellaneous and and and

the winners get a coffee mug from NEMETSCHEK


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