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3d site model at water's edge


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I'm working on a lake property and want to know if anyone has any experience with projects at the water's edge, especially going into the lake so I could also show the shoreline treatment, beach and dock going into the water.

Drawing the lake bed and shoreline won't be any different than the rest of the model, but how do I show the water of the lake itself? Is this something that happens in Renderworks? I haven't done much in that yet, (but I do have Renderworks 2012) so maybe I just need to do a little homework.

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I have done a few similar projects. The water can be an extrude and, as long as the lakebed is solid/opaque, the extrude can extend beneath the bed as needed. Getting a good lake water texture can be tricky. When I get back from my current travels I will look back at the most recent one and, if you still need it, I would be happy to send you the texture. Feel free to send me a private message if you want and I'll get back to you middle of next week.

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Thanks Peter,

The extrude idea sounds like a pretty simple idea, and yes, I'd simply continue the lake bed by adding a few more contours, extending the site model. I could switch the texture at the water line to the lake bed would be sand or whatever. Now that I think of it, I wonder how adding some water plants like Cattails into the model below the water line would work out. I'm not planning on including water plants on this model, just wondering.

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My advise is to model the hydro/Geo form as accurately as you can...dont fudge it in renderworks.Authorities and insurance companies now require accurate BIM Data here.In which case try rhino and others which have better and more accurate tools for Modelingform/SurfaceArea/Volume->Import.

Hmmm..How about X-sections? You're still stuck extruding?

NNA we need better 3D tools

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Thanks for the warning about BIM data. Although I'm pretty new at the site modeling, I've had good luck with accuracy in Vectorworks Landmark, so I'm not worried about that. I've just created a test model of a pond using closed contours so it's about 10' deep x 330' x 680'. I think I can simply copy one of the uppermost contours in place, then send it to another layer (I'll create a water layer) before creating the site model. then, I'll have a water surface to try out. Maybe just dialing down the transparency will be enough to show what I want, but I suspect Pete's extrude suggestion will give the best effect. Plus, I bet if I changed its class to site modifier, I could get a volume calculation for the pond's water-holding capacity. That'd be pretty useful.

Your idea of the 3d section view is a good one for the water's edge if I can manage to add some detail like some boulder outcroppings.

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For most work we are doing here, the DNR will only need to see plan view with the appropriate data in tow. If you are creating a visual for the client I would render it in Renderworks (shows great). I'm around tomorrow all day so if you need help with this just give a call.

PS. DO NOT IGNORE THE DNR! there ruthless!!!!!

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....Resurrecting this old thread did anyone ever work out a workflow for calculating capacity volume for depressions in a site model?  looking at some stormwater detention ponds which are fairly straight forward to generate but be great to be able calculate the volumes as well.




WVLM 2014


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Hi, If you are after the volume of the pond I would model the site around the pond then using site modifiers model the bottom of the pool at different heights then set your model to proposed and check the calculation of cut. This is the volume of water less a bit of freeboard.


Have a look at Jonathons reply to this post, He as a lot of great ideas and you should subscribe to link. http://learn.archoncad.com/


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