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Get symbol scaling factors in a Worksheet

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I believe by definition, symbols do not have different scales.

In vw 2012, if drawn in paper units, symbols will always look the same size on print and its scale will be the same as the layer or viewport they belong to.

If drawn in world units, which was the only type in older versions, the scale is always 1:1 and how they appear on paper (smaller/larger) depends on the layer or viewport scale.

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I don't think you can get symbol scaling directly in a worksheet.

It is available in Vectorscript, so you could use a script to write the data to a record attached to the symbol and then bring that into the worksheet.

But then you would have to remember to run the script every time you need to update the info in the worksheet.

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Has this changed since 2012?

I like to use tree symbols and scale them. Our local reg's dictate how close you can build near "protected" trees and I like to scale the symbol based on the formula dictated by the city (and then I populate the required tree table based on these symbols) BUT, I have to manually enter data (tree diameter) because I can auto-populate the symbol scaling factor...

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