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Similar to how wall and slab types work, it would be great to be able to classify windows into "types" and then be able to make mass changes to all windows of that type. Right now, I have started to make my own symbols to use as windows so that when there is a change, I can modify the symbol and have the changes reflected across the whole building. Changing a mullion height for example across a 20 story building can take a little bit of time if you have to select each window 1 by 1 or even if you are group selecting. I do not like my symbol solution because I have lost all of the parametric controls over the window. This would be nice for scheduling purposes as well.

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Been posted before and hoped we'd get it in 2012, but it didn't arrive.

Without it, there is no point to the window or door PIOs in Vectorworks: if you have to make symbols for repeating types, you lose the scheduling. Stick with the PIOs instead, and you get the scheduling but you act like a CAD monkey...manually updating every field for every instance of every door/window in the crappy Object Info palette.

We need door and window types yesterday.

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Maybe you have tried this, but I can get windows in Symbols to show in the worksheet, it just takes a one time adjustment to the criteria.

1. Make sure the windows in the symbol definitions are marked as On Schedule.

2. Edit the Window Schedule worksheet.

3. In the little triangle menu over the row labels choose Database Headers. this should then show the header row for the window database.

4. Right click on the row header for this row. In my test file it was Row 4. Choose Edit Criteria.

5. Click the Including Components of Symbols check box.

6. Uncheck the Database Headers.

You should now have all of your windows that are part of symbols showing in the worksheet. If there is something else I am missing, please let me know.

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Pat, thanks for the input.

You're assuming I know about schedules in Vectorworks, but I don't. After experimenting with them in the office a few years back we gave up...nobody could understand how it was supposed to work so we stopped trying.

We're now at the point we want to have a go again, but so little seems to have changed, the spreadsheet in VW still looks like Lotus 123 from the eighties, but is less user friendly.

Your workaround might work, but I suspect like all VW workarounds it takes a lot of manual handling. I really dislike how as a solution it further abstracts building components into general symbols - this isn't the future of BIM.

Having said that...any chance you would post a sample file to the board so we can see how it works?

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Symbols are a typical VW sledge hammer solution.

There are other implications of making the PIO windows into symbols. They no longer interact with walls in an intelligent way for instance. So you can't return components for instance, or have the window change depending on the width of wall.

We need Types so we can define the things we want to be in common in a window/door type while at the same time allowing for variations between each instance that don't require a new Type.

In fact this goes for walls and slabs too. We could do with a mechanism to define which parameters we want associated with a Type and which parameters we're happy to have vary (e.g. wall lining) so, for instance, we don't have to make a myriad of wall styles simply because the internal wall lining's slightly different on each.

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We're now at the point we want to have a go again, but so little seems to have changed, the spreadsheet in VW still looks like Lotus 123 from the eighties, but is less user friendly.

Just had a tussle with worksheet line thickness formatting. I'd forgotten how hideously bad it is. I have this image in my head of a programmer who's really good at mathematics and wears socks with his sandals been left to it for a couple of days to knock out the user interface.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
1 hour ago, Tom Klaber said:

It took 5 years - but we finally got it! 

Yesssssss! Slowly but surely. And to be honest, the speed will most likely be increasing as the versions go by. Things are going very well and resources and being poured into the proper departments.

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2 minutes ago, Asemblance said:

Hi Tom,



Just to clarify, do you mean we can now create and use window/door types?? I can't seem to find any information about this on the forum or elsewhere! (Apart from requests for these features..)




Vectorworks has called the feature styles.  Here is a video that explains how it works.  


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