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Finicky Resource Browser

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Working on a mac OS10.6.8 with VW 2010 SP4

The Resource Browser is so finicky. If I open it and open the symbols folder for the file I am working on it freezes. The window goes blank and I need to quit and restart the program to get it working again.

Any ideas what is going wrong?


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I too have been having trouble with my resource browser just today for the first time, the menu bars at the top aren't in their usual positions, the thumbnails are super-imposed underneath the menu bars, the whole thing is just acting wonky. I was thinking I'd have to re-install but I came to the forum first, however I'm not seeing any other options here... ?

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I too have been having problems with the Resource Browser in VW2012.

Similar symptoms to Jeff B. This has been going on since I received the program back in 2011.

I installed SP1 and that did not help either. I tried Mar Schrammeyer's idea and that did not work for long.

I have since reinstalled and then updated with SP-1 and most recently with SP-2.

Problem resurfaced this AM again.

MacBook Pro, 2.3Ghz, 8GB RAM solid state drive 500GB

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