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Ceiling Grids usability

Don@Black Dog


From a recent escapade, I would wish for:

- Something in the Properties, OIP or whatever to allow you to start the grid from a particular location, a la the framing tool;

- Something in the help/manual to correctly say how to adjust the grid (yes it is simple ONCE you know), but it should also note to select the correct MODE;

- Something in the knowledge base, even a 30 second YouTube video, for the same reason;

- the ability to move or delete an individual grid line;

- The ability to have lighting symbols snap to or even insert into and move with the grid. Imagine being a cad jockey on a large office project where your grid moves a bit. It would be nice to have it move together (BIM, anyone?);

- for that matter have the smart edge tools act on the lines between grids, and even the center of a grid rectangle, not just the object itself;so you could accurately drop in lighting or other objects(yes you can snap to an intersection if your symbol is made that way or if the fixture is that size);

Oh, and show the grid in openGL or rendering modes;


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