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Door Tool: more folding door options required



As of v2012 only a bi-fold single and bi-double are available. However there are a myriad other folding door options.

One common example is to have an odd number of folding doors to one jamb, say 3, and then a single door to the other jamb. See attached image.

As always, annoying that we actually need to ask for this sort of thing.


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Distributors are allowed to localize Vectorworks. Your distributor could decide to add this to the UK versions of Vectorworks, then it would come with Vectorworks out of the box.

Our distributor's not interested, for various reasons.

Besides, a door tool should be able to create doors. Not some doors. All doors.

We shouldn't have to rely on third party software for something that should come as standard.

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Don't get me wrong, Windoor is without a doubt the best 3rd party tool for VW. In fact I'm using it at home.

But, as for at work, one, we're a small company and we keep our IT overheads super low by keeping things simple (we're not interested in the overhead that maintaining 3rd party plugins entails, including the risk that development stops). Two, we just shouldn't have to purchase a separate 3rd party plugin to draw a bloody door... it's meant to be a full-blown BIM app for crying out loud.

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I think this again illustrates a point about BIM that I've said before...BIM is all or nothing:

In 2D, lines and arcs can draw anything you could ever want to build, but in the BIM workflow, if your door tool can only do a very limited range of doors, the workflow breaks down and you're in to workarounds - non-intelligent, non-parametric, non-reporting, different-scheduling dumb symbols made from primitives. That then isn't BIM.

So, despite it's miniCAD origins...CAD for the smart sized firm...etc etc...you can't do BIM on the cheap and Nemetschek should recognise that. If you're going to sell a BIM tool it has to do the job.

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I agree 100% Christian and I've made exactly this point about folding doors over the past two year as virtually every rear extension job I design involves folding doors, often with an uneven number of leaves.

I actually raised this as an issue at the VW1012 promo meeting in Bristol last autumn. Hopefully VNNA will learn to listen more to the needs of designers over here. The 2012 tweaks and additions are all very nice, the rendering engine sounds great, but lets have simple full door and window functionality. I'm only in 2009 but I can't even seem to be able to make a a part glazed back door!

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