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I can't speak specifically to the -DRAWING LIST- tool because upon first trying it we discovered (and confirmed with tech support) that it did not function with custom title blocks.

Our alternative was to add a boolean field to the Record Format where we were storing our title block data and then create a custom worksheet that searched that Record Format...bringing in only the sheets that had this field toggled on. Once the Drawing List Worksheet is formatted the way you like its easily used job after job.

I always ran into issues when we would work on a project that we had to divide up into multiple files. I could never get all the titleblocks in the different files back into one Drawing List. However, I recently created a symbol that contained the Record Format data and now use the 'referenced' symbol capabilities to bring that symbol, and thus the title block data, spread out in multiple files back into a single Drawing List. The symbol can be edited while working in the 'satellite' file or the 'referenced' symbol while in the file with the Drawing List. The change is then sent back to the 'satellite' file. It took a lot of customization but in the end it works well. I wish something similar had been a standard feature.

Good Luck with the Drawing List tool.

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