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modelling issue VW10 to Art3 - HELP!!

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Hi There

I have worked on VW for 15 years (minicad to start with) But for many months now I am baffled with what is a very simple modelling issue.

Basically If I want to create a rectangle with curved corners, I normal drawing rectangle with the tool "rounded rectangle tool" then extrude. Once I import this to Art it should be solid, however, its isn't just an outline.

I have got round this issue by producing the same shape by "subtracting solids", but it is a long way round and a time wasting modelling process. Prior to VW2010 I never had this issue I would very much appreciate help as it slows done my work flow massively...anyone else had this experience?

Please help, thanks

Running on iMac (2009 2.8ghz Intel 4GB - Lion OS (it was like it before I upgraded to new OS)

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thanks Mike

Yes it is solid in VW and "filled"

Thanks for alternative way that is easier then subtract solid and punching the curves and does work.

But I just can't understand why this issue is there in the first place, maybe its just my system some weird bug, it doesn't happen on the normal rectangle shape when extruded so its to do with the curves.

Thanks again

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Right I am going to answer my own question here!

Basically some one off the Art forum kindly suggested I reduce the export conversion rate from very high to high, did it, did the trick... Job done!!

I will test to see how exporting on a low rate will effect modelling

There is always a simple answer, just need to stop flapping!!

Thanks for help :-)

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