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Title Block - Revision / Issue Querry

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I am creating a new Title Block, and I am trying to figure out how to possibly incorporate Revision / Issue information into the mix.

In my workflow (I'm a lighting designer in the entertainment industry), when I do a revision, I want the latest Revision information to track to ALL title blocks in the project. As I understand it, the Revision Text currently is only attached to each instance of the Title Block / Sheet Border. Is this correct?

And call me a fool, but I don't understand what the difference between Revision and Issue is ... As far as VW is concerned, it seems like they are both specific to the instance, and cannot be universal to the whole project. How do others use Revision and Issue information in workflows?

What I really like about the Revision and Issue information is that I can choose how may Revs / Issues I want to show in the title block. As it stands now, I have 5 fields for the last 5 revisions, and I have to manually bump one off the list once I get past 5 revs.

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