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Rotating a Color Blaze 72 to a vertical position

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Ok, I must be an idiot. Trying to rotate a color blaze unit vertically so I can hang on a vertical truss tower. I have no issues creating a vert truss tower and have no problems rotating other various types of lighting symbols. I can't seem to figure out how to make a strip light hang vertically. Any suggestions?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

In the OIP of the lighting device there is a check box for "Set 3D Orientation". When that is check you will see 2 more parameters, X Rotation and Y Rotation. These two parameters along with the normal 2D rotation will allow you to orient the lighting device in 3D.

Normally hybrid objects can not have a 3D rotation so the lighting device has to create the rotation with these parameters.

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Hi All, Went to Tech Support for an answer to this issue. Here's the reply:

"There does appear to be an issue with this instrument. It does not appear to be rotating correctly. I have narrowed the cause down to the Parts record attached to the mounts for this light. If I remove the record the device rotates correctly. I have attached a file with a modified version of this lighting device in which the Parts record has been removed. I am submitting this to our engineering department as well."

If anyone would like to have a copy of this modified Color Blaze 72, please e-mail me directly and I will forward it to you. Thanks for the replies!

Jay Grindrod



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So Kevin, you cannot accurately wash a cyc with lights in Vectorworks?

I just get a big V-shaped pattern if I place a Colorblaze 72 at the top of a cyc pointing down.

In reality the light source is 6 feet wide. (Hundreds of leds on a panel 6 feet wide)

Can I buy Spotlight 2015 yet?

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