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Vectorworks 2010 setup- .dll file missing :/



im trying to install Vectorworks 2010. However when i run the setup i get the message that the bcgcbpro675.dll file is missing.

I managed to find one online ( hard to come across .dll files that arent viruses), and now i have put the .dll file in place, i now get this message:



Why is this setup file causing so many problems, where can i get the right dll file etc


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Guest Jim Kelly

When you run the installer you first get the message that bcgcbpro675.dll is missing, and you are saying when you found it and ran the installer, now the Vectorworks application is missing?

That DLL shouldn't be necessary, especially now that I look and see it seems to be a third party thing. Do you have any sort of security software running that may run each time an exe is loaded that might be failing because of this? Are other executables running fine?

The only dlls required by the application are installed by the vcredist files located in the resources folder on the installation DVD. You can manually run those installers to ensure they were installed correctly, but I don't believe any of them install this dll.

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Thanks for responding Jim. I got the message that the dll file was missing so i found one online, after putting that into windows system 32, i then get the message i took a screen shot of.Ive turned off all anti virus and security features and it makes no difference, even running VW in admin mode.

All other exe files open fine.

The CD does have a small scratch on it, im wandering if that has messed up the setup.exe

Is there no place we can download the exe file?

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Guest Jim Kelly

If you email me I can send you a link to download 2010 SP3, you can use the SP4 updater to bring it current. I'm skeptical that's the cause though, because there should be no requirement for this DLL in Vectorworks.

Have you tried running the vcredists in the resources folder? As I said, those install any required DLL you need, and we've tested this on clean Windows systems rather extensively.

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Guest Jim Kelly

Okay, so I talked to a few more people internally about this. Two things came up. One, that DLL is shipped *with* the Vectorworks application, ie it is installed. It should be in your installation directory. It is different from what you find on the internet though, so I'd remove the one from system32.

The installer should not require it though, presuming we're talking about the equivalent US installer here.

At any rate, another thing to look at, from tech support:


You said you turned it off, but do you have this program installed?

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