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Vectorworks 2012 slow and laggy?


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I just upgraded from Vectorworks 2008 to 2012 and I've been noticing that it is significantly slower an more laggy than the older version I was using. All of my snapping is delayed for a couple of seconds and I sometimes have to click on something several times before it is actually selected. I've also noticed a decrease in snapping accuracy, probably due to how slow the program is to respond. It's like it can't keep up with me. I was able to work very quickly in version 2008 and the program was very responsive. What's changed?!? I've tried reducing the amount of on-screen stuff that happens (WAY too many guides and nots and crosshairs and boxes and highlights. Overkill anyone?) and it still seems sloooooow. The only reason Why I upgraded was because I'm going to be switching to Lion in the next few weeks and 2008 is not supported in Lion.

I was just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing these performance issues.



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dahard, by your note of switching to lion I am assuming Mac late model (2007 or newer). 2012 is drastically faster and better. for you the transition will be very noticeable at first as many of us have had 4 versions of little things to get used to. as for the snapping accuracy this can be adjusted in the preferences and for the selection you have to hover over the point for a split second before it selects. That took some getting used to but now I find it helpful. you can adjust almost everything in the prefs. give it some time to get used to it and you'll notice the speed.

Hope this help a little.

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The change from 2008 to 2009 resulted in laggy performance (slow zooms, a delay before the re-zoomed imaged was refreshed, delay in picking points or dragging a window). Something in the software "engine" was revamped in the 2009 release that resulted in this performance. I've been over this many times with my software provider. According to Nemetschek, this is working as designed. In fact, there was one correspondence I saw where it was listed as a "feature". Either way, there has been no improvement since 2009 (I'm on 2012 now). 2012 is worse than 2011. I might go back. If you do some searching there are many threads on the topic. No resolve of course....but maybe company with your misery might help.

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You're not alone. Users at our firm (myself included) have indicated they've noticed rendering, redraw, and general performance sluggishness in VW 2012. I also heard this from IT at another Vectorworks-based firm we do joint work with. (This may partially be because we've moved legacy files forward - I'm not sure yet). We moved from VW 2008 to 2012, to allow us to migrate our workstations (mostly i5 and i7 iMac's, MB Pro's and the odd Mac Pro) to Lion. File sizes have expanded dramatically, which may begin to strain our backup and archive system as well.

We too are disappointed with the Laggy Performance we found VW 2012.


VW 2012

Mac OS 10.7

Macbook Pro 2011 (Intel Core i7 / 2.2 GHz)

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Well....I've had enough. I've had more crashes in the last 2 days than I can count. This is counter-productive. I don't have a consistent set of events that lead up to a crash to file a bug report. I'm going back to 2011. Anyone else having this much grief?

VW 2012 SP1

Macbook Pro 2.2 Intel Core I7

8GB 1333 DDR3

AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512MB

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2012 is far improved over v.2011 for me personally. Far fewer crashes, no real slow downs. There are odd glitches here and there that I live with. I've been married 26 years this April so I've learned to overlook certain behaviors, expecting the same in return.


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No improvement for me. Still slow and laggy just like all versions since 2009. It's the worst when something is selected, and the zooming with the mouse wheel. Man....it takes a long time to refresh. Also, when selecting multiple items I need to be very careful to select the first, wait a second for it to register, and then the second....wait...and so on. I have a fairly new macbook pro, with a decent video card but issues persist.

Macbook Pro

2.2 I7


AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024MB

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In our office, we also notice that VW2012 is slow and it crashes multiple times a day. VW2011 was fast here and did only crash once or two times a month. They did reprogrammed zooming and display stuff, so I suspect this is the problem. While it may work as programmed, there will still some tweaking to do.

It seems that there are 2 groups that seem to be 50-50 where it runs smooth or not. Maybe NVW can give us a clue what the problem is? Has is something to do with the graphics card? (I updated it), or other things we must be aware of?

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Upgraded recently from 2008 to 2012 on the same computer. Very poor performance on 2012 compared to 2008 (& i was told technically 2008 would not even run on my current OS!). Very slow booting, saving, picking, scrolling, slow everything. Crashes more than 2008. Even turned off stuff like zoom line thickness which I always used to use, still no better.

Doubled my RAM prior to the upgrade yet v2008 on half the RAM was waay faster. Have installed all the service packs and check regularly for updates. Guess before too long I will just use v2012 as a very expensive autocad translator and then do all my work back in the 2008 version.

If you dont need to deal with current autocad version translations, then i dont recommend an upgrade to 2012.

Interesting to note this thread was started in january yet seems no response here from Vectorworks.


Mac OS 10.6.8

2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2


NVIDIA GeForce 320M

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I have had a recent report of VW2012 being slow and am trying to get to the bottom of it and wonder, to those who are claiming VW2012 is slow on recent (less than a year old) and new iMacs, what graphics cards do you have?

At the moment, the issue we are seeing affects the base model iMac with the Radeon HD 6750M card. The slow speed of drawing a line, for example, only affect one Mac of this specification. All others tested are absolutely fine.

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Hey there, got the same problem here. Just updated the software and it's sooooo slow compare to 2008...

I noticed a small difference when working directly on the computer instead on the server but still.. it's not really fast...

thinking about sending it back to the shop that sold it to our company!!

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