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All Lighting symbols have no description in OIP my info's gone?


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The title pretty much sums it up - except for the unbelievable panic I'm now feeling, with the plot due yesterday and literally no data to access on the plot.

As you might see from the attached image, there's no 'type' to the selected object true for all lighting instruments on plot!!!

Freaking out pretty badly at this moment and looking for the simple "you silly goose, it's right over here" help from the inter webs.

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SO, thanks to OS X's Time Machine, I was able to pull a reasonably current version of the file without the amazing corruption and work on, though many LW5 issues ensued.

Been a crappy work day for sure, but at least _something_ resembling my intentions went out the electronic door tonight, thanks to apple.

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i took a look at this file and it's way wacky. not to mention the fact that trying to copy using option-drag does not work in any way. data exchange was trashed; even an export to excel only showed me default instrument data, nothing otherwise contained in any label legend. a sad little plot with a serious cold. then again, i could just not be finding the right key. anyone else want to take a swing at this one?


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I've seen this in Windows as well. In 2011, 2012, and maybe even 2010..

Sometimes simply closing and re-opening helped. Other times only deleting the confused lights did the trick.

You might try copying the offending lights into a new file and see if they revive. You might also copy everything else into a new file. That can clean up some serious corruption.

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So, I did try closing and re-opening several times and no joy.

Any fixtures copied/pasted to a new document travelled without any info.

The time machine backup was the only path to any success at all and even that file was quite corrupt - something which raised it's ugly head in the data exchange process.

I finally copied and pasted from that time machine doc to a blank spotlight doc and all was good once more.

What a journey.

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I am experiencing the exact same problem

Windows 7 64bit

VW 2012 SP1

Plugins: Chain Hoist tool and AutoPlot

LW5 data exchange.

Worked on file all day yesterday. Saved file. Opened file today.

All Lights show no Object Info 'type' or any other PI data except class and layer.

Same thing happens with ALL Backups and previous saved versions!

Gave the file to a co-worker with same computer and VW version. File opens normally.

Restarted VW2012. Then rebooted computer. Still same results.

When I try to insert NEW fixture, PIO info is as expected, however, I get an error message "A Plug-in Object value is out of range due to inappropriate layer scale. Change scale and try again"

This error message also appears when I export to LightWright.

Please help. I don't want to have to reinstall VW.

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