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V9 Duplicates

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I just installed V 9.5.1 after moving from 8.5.2 and notice that upon opening existing files it now duplicates and renames the files with V9 after the file name. Is there any way of stopping this from happening or do I have to go through all my drawings - open them and then delete the old versions....?

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When it asks to save the file, you can remove the v9 from the end of the file name. That will replace the old ones.

The means behind that is that some people would like to keep a copy of the file before converting it to a version 9 file in case something happens to the file in the conversion process.

The other reasoning is if you have doors and windows in the drawing created in VW 8, when you convert them to version 9, you have to update those objects to v2 objects. It's a good idea to keep a copy of the file before running that command on the file in case something happens to the file.

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