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Does anyone know why when i edit textures with the image shader, they render fine in Open GL but the shading does not render with Final Quality Renderworks? I only get the original texture.

I don't see any configurable options for Final Quality Renderworks.


Spotlight 2012 with Renderworks

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The pink color there because it's set to be the filter color in the color>image shader.

My guess is thatit behaves differently in Open GL and FQRW because of the glow shader. Those two rendering methods handle light differently.

If you turn off the glow then they look the same. Or take the pink filter away..



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Thanks for taking a look.

I need that image with several different color looks. In reality, its a backlit black and white photo with an LED light box behind it. So I need a black and white one, a red one, a blue one etc...

But when I render in anything other than GL, I lose my shader.

I could edit the photo in photoshop with several different tints and import each one as an Image Prop.

But what is the purpose of the image shader if it only works in GL?

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