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Stair configuration possible in v2012?

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The circular options in Custom Stair (v.2012) will only allow an inside column diameter of 8". Any input less than that number generates an Errorscript message requiring a restart of Vectorworks as the Settings selection on the OIP ceases to respond.

I needed a 4" diameter column to match an existing stair. This is a very common pipe size for spiral stairs.

But really, as we all know per the International Residential Code, a circular stair is not the same as a spiral stair: we need a spiral option.

Thanks again, Peter, for taking some time to help out.


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Thanks, Mike! I did add the old Circular Stair tool as I said in my first post but since a spiral stair is quite regular, modeling it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. YouTube has several videos of other people doing similar things in other CAD programs although many authors equate circular with spiral.


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I think part of the challenge for the software stair engineers is when does a circular stair become a spiral stair? If you ask York Spiral Stairs, they'll say their double helix stair, with a 12" inside diameter, is a spiral stair.


I want a spiral stair more in keeping with what the IRC had in mind when they wrote the requirements that define minimum tread depth and min. tread width. Typically this type has a central column, usually made of steel.

I believe the old Circular Stair tool, a legacy item now found in the Building Shell

folder (accessible when customizing one's workspace) is misnamed and should have been called the Spiral Stair tool. It can do both a center post or a double helix though you must draw your own center post. This tool is rather rudimentary in its choices. Stairs extend to zero. It has been set out on an ice flow. Wave goodbye.

The new Custom Stair tool can do circular and winder type stairs down to an inside diameter of 8", as I found while trying to get the tool to go to 4" in order to fit to a common steel column diameter. There is no check-option for "spiral stairs" within this tool.

It would be nice to have the Custom Stair tool able to extend spiral type stairs to a smaller diameter. I'd even make my own center post.


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