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Label Legend Lighting Instrument Layout Symbol Missing


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I have a default template that I start most files from and I have preset label legends with a symbol we can call "symbol A" as the light that is used as the Lighting Instrument Layout Symbol. I am working on a file that I did not start and just editing. I want to import my label legends. I open my starter template and pull in the label legends and containers into the new file.

So far so good. I assigned the labels to the fixtures in the new file. Because there are not any of the "symbol A" the layouts do not show a symbol to match the legends too and I am not able to choose a different Lighting Instrument to be the Layout Symbol. When they are applied to the fixtures in the file the layout is all sorts of wrong, and I cannot edit it.

I use a number of different legends per file and I prefer to not have to recreate them in every file. Is there a way to work around this?


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If I understand correctly:

You should be able to import "Symbol A" into the drawing (if it didn't come in with the label legends).

I think VW uses the symbol in the active legend for the layout symbol. Right click on that label legend in the resource browser, choose edit 2D, select the current symbol, click "replace" in the OIP and choose Symbol A. Not a bad idea to do this for all the label legends to get the legend spacing correct.



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Usually the base symbol, "Symbol A," is part of the label legend. That way, when you import a label lagend, the model symbol will come along with it. The symbol also helps you position your labels in the legend and is used to calculate the relative positions of labels to either the insertion point or boundary of any symbol.

The name of the model symbol is actually contained in a (hidden?) record attached to the label lagend, so it is possible to delete the model from the legend, and the legend will still function correctly, as long as "Symbol A" is a resource in your document. So, this means:

- "Symbol A" must be a resource for the legends to work. In your case, import the symbol to your drawing, refresh labels, and you should be good.

- "Symbol A" should really be the same "Symbol A" you used when creating your label legends.

- To ease in importing legends and to prevent purges, it's a good idea for "Symbol A" to be placed in your label legends.



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Makes Spotlight 2011 stall every time (requiring a Force Quit):

1. Rename, purge or delete the base symbol that is used in a label legend.

2. Edit the label legend.

3. Place a new symbol in the label legend.

4. Vectorworks will not respond, and a Force Quit will be necessary.

Don't try this at home unless you've saved your work.

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And for added joy:

5. Duplicate a symbol, or rename a symbol to what the base symbol for the label legend used to be.

6. Edit the label legend.

7. Find that the symbol still doesn't show up in the label legend.

So, now what? There is no base symbol, I can't add a base symbol. Do I now have to create a new label legend?

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