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Batt Insulation and Repeatable Symbols as Wall Components

Tom Klaber


I think it would be really sweet to be able to show batt insulation as a wall component. It would almost make walls powerful enough to be their own plan details. As of right now - they are nice to keep track of the assembly but have to be redrawn for the plan details.

On a similar note - it would be great to be able to incorporate repeatable items like studs and brick ties as a wall component. You could do this by attaching a symbol to the wall type and then specifying an offset, and a repeat value.

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These are FANTASTIC. I've been trying to dabble to accomplish just what you have here, but so far unsuccessfully. Do you know how to control the background for tiles, for instance to give it a pattern (instead of a color) or NO FILL?

Also, any tips on scaling the tile, for instance for 2x8 BATT rather than 2X4?

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In saying the above there is a problem, in that the extent of tiling is defined by the vertices of objects rather than the objects themselves. So in John's version above the stud/batt version is offset slightly in the wall because of the vertices of the polyline from one of the batts.

Attached is one that omits the polyline to workaround this.

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These tile objects are odd...the stud positions can be controlled to an extent in vertical walls, but flip a wall horizontally and they behave differently! They also don't behave at all at wall joins.

Tiles might be clever but I'm not sure they are wise...we don't need further abstraction...we need a framing tool within the wall type. I'm surprised that a North American company like NV Inc hasn't made this a priority as most of your houses are timber framed.

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