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ARmedia Augmented Reality Plug-in for Nemetscheck Vectorworks released

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I'm happy to announce that the ARmedia Augmented Reality Plugin for Vectorworks 2012 is now available from Inglobe Technologies.


Main features:

- Markers Library: with AR-media Plugin you can create Augmented Reality scenes based on a pre-set library of markers. You are free to associate any 3D model to any predefined marker available.

- Marker Generator: create your own markers. Creating your own markers you will be able to provide users with highly personalized Augmented Reality content.

- Exporter: create independent Augmented Reality files with extension .armedia and let other users enjoy them using the free AR-media? Player. You are free to distribute this content at no charge for most uses in compliance with the License Agreement.

- ?Lighting Debug? Mode: light is an important factor in Augmented Reality applications as it affects strongly the performance and stability of the AR visualization specifically for what concerns the tracking of the markers. With AR-media Plugin you have better control on the tracking algorithms, thus being able to adjust important parameters as a function of the real lighting conditions of your real world scene. Moreover you are able to adjust tracking parameters with useful visual feedback. This is what we call the ?Lighting Debug? Mode

- Layers Management: each layer of your model which contains 3D objects can be displayed independently during the AR visualization.

- Timed Slideshow: you can organize your 3D contents to act as a set of slides. In fact, each layer can be displayed for a time interval of 5 seconds and then replaced with the following layer.

- Real-time Shadows: you can choose a light source from your model to cast shadows on 3D objects, in order to obtain a more realistic visualization. Moreover, you can interact with this light source in real-time, moving it and modifying the shadows? visualization.

- Clipping/Sectioning: thanks to the Clipping planes? management features, it is possible to create sections of 3D objects in real-time.

- Soundtracks: create more involving scenes by setting up audio tracks that will play in background during the Augmented Reality experience.

Please visit our website: http://www.inglobetechnologies.com/vectorworks_plugins.php

for more information and to download the TRIAL version which contains all the main features of the licensed version.


Gioacchino @ Inglobe Technologies

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