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Open bug report system with incentives to submit



This has been asked for before but I'd like to add a little something.

On one hand bug reports can be difficult and time consuming to compose, especially when you're in the middle of something and just need a workaround. On the other hand a well composed bug report, including a file that demonstrates the problem, is gold dust to NV and ultimately solves the problem so you don't need the workaround.

The problem is bug reporting is a black hole as far as most people's experience goes. There needs to be more transparency and recognition of people efforts (especially given NV makes money out of the process).

It would be great if there was an open (curated) bug report system that we could all submit to and review, including an open comment/discussion section for each bug report. To grease the cogs even more a kudos system could be included whereby bug submitters accumulate kudos and can cash this kudos in somehow to gain rewards of some kind, such as access to early release software, vouchers for 3rd party plugins, or something else.

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We currently have on our website the Bug Submit form, where you can post any bugs that you find and the information goes directly to our QA team. Unfortunately currently there is not a way to track or review the status of your report at this point. I will pass your suggestions to the right team.

Thank you and happy holidays!

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I agree - no cake until the work is done.

Yeah, been thinking 'bout the cake thing . . . . .

i'd prefer Crumble! Apple, Rhubarb, Cherry . . . . . .

failing NV jumping in with an open bug process we could form our own akin to Christian's wiki 'Needle & Mortar', perhaps 'Palette Knife' or 'Bug Ware' or 'Currant Crumbs'... without a great name . . . . . . .

Good point.

A key to its success will be to have the BS process as painless and rewarding as possible and if it becomes more active, supplanting the current BS system NV will begin to watch it. We might even get an NV reporter posting some monthly feedback/updates etc.

Not sure how involved NV will become outside their own little box.

And for the bug scout of the month, by popular aspiration: cake.


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