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How would you draw this?


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I'm trying to model a table of solid wood. The table top is an oval 14"x18", but the base is round with a diameter of 9 inches. I'm not sure how to go about modelling this. As far as I can tell, standard extrudes won't work (sweep, multiple, EAP, taper). I'm not at all versed in the use of NURBS, but maybe that's the only option? Can someone point me in the right direction?


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Couple ideas with loft. Examples were created with pref for Keep Curves

1. Simple loft start in Top view (brown surface in example)

Make 2d oval, convert to NURBS, raise to height of thickness (6" in example).

Make 2d circle, convert to NURBS, align in top view so centered on oval.

Still in Top view, select Oval and Circle, enable Show Direction in OIP.

If Direction arrows not same, change one.

If arrows not same quadrant, rotate the circle (cmdL) until arrows in same position)

Create 3d locus, centered in Top view, set 4" below working plane.

Flyover to 3d view, loft from Locus to Circle to Oval, click the check mark.

Switch to Front or Side and use Spit tool at z=0 to cut off bottom.

Note: z value of locus controls bulge in side views.

Locus only visible in Top Plan view.

2. Bi- Rail Loft (Green surface in example)

Same circle and oval as above

In Front or side view, draw 2d spline btw circle and oval. Convert to NURBS

Enable Bi-Rail Sweep mode in Loft tool

Click circle, then oval, then profile and click the green checkmark.

Result is a group.

Enter group, delete all but one of the quarter surfaces.

Mirror the quarter surface to make the whole shape.

Note: this birail sweep made the profile bulge part way around, hence the mirror process.

Texture as needed.



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Ride, unless I'm misunderstanding you......extrude an oval to whatever thickness you want the top to be, then extrude a circle to whatever it's height is....place the oval on the cylinder and voila, your table.....see attached drawing.

If it is one single solid object just do the above and run the add solids command with both solids selected.......!?

Or make them into a group if you want to retain editing options.......

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Thanks for the replies. With the loft surface command, I drew the top ellipse, the bottom circle, and then another ellipse midway between the two that defined the side shape. Then I used all three with the loft surface tool. It really worked well. I can control the side bulge to some degree by moving the middle ellipse up or down before lofting surfaces. My drawing attached.

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