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Directional Plywood Hatches


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Does anyone know of a plywood hatch that changes orientations as the material direction changes? As of now, I use a plywood hatch that is oriented 90?, so each time I change the orientation of the material, I have to reassign a new hatch. And as for curves, there is no orientation whatsoever, so they just look weird.

BTW, I know about linear material, but prefer not to use that as it is clunkier than just drawing shapes.


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For VW 2008 Mac, anyway - don't know about newer...

In the Edit Hatch window, set Units to 'World" and check 'In Wall' for Rotate. Draw your hatch with the ply lines horizontal, diagonal lines as you wish.

This hatch will follow the direction of the wall (straight segments only - doesn't bend for curved walls).

A problem is that the origin of the hatch doesn't relate to the wall/component, so the plys probably won't be symmetrical centered in the wall/component.

Again, this as of VW 2008, and don't know if any of this has changed in newer versions

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Ah yes, I think I have the answer that you'll be happy with:

After you draw your shape and assign the hatch, in the attribute palette, click on the "fill hatch settings" (the button to the right of the hatch name display). That opens a dialog box.

Now check "Use Local Mapping"

In the rotation field, type the angle of the object i.e. 45?.

The hatch will rotate to display correctly. Now for the cool part. If you now rotate the object, the hatch will rotate with it and continue to display correctly. So, if you're detailing a bunch of 1/2" plywood pieces, you can copy, paste, and modify to your heart's delight.

It doesn't work for curved objects, but should take care of everything else.

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