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Many folks have had luck with Google's 3D warehouse (http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/). Models are free to download, but not all of them are useful for what you want.

The files are Sketchup, and can be imported into Vectorworks. Often they need to be "cleaned up", so I would recommend bringing the sketchup models into a new file too see what you have. Then, once you are happy with how it looks and renders, save the model as a symbol, and import into your document.

Others who do this more often may be able to give you more insight as to what versions of Sketchup files work best with VW. I generally find that I download a dozen or so models from 3D Warehouse, and I import them all into VW. I then see which ones are behaving the best, and which ones look like I want them to, then I pick one or two and start to clean them up. Sometimes there is odd geometry in the model, or something else that makes it take FOREVER to render, so I give up on it.

I'm not sure what version of VW you have ... as a general practice, you should put that in a signature so that anyone responding to you knows what you are using. See my signature for an idea ...

Good luck!

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