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Changing the appearance of the data stamp

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Basically I want a plot stamp on my title block, but I really don't like the appearance of the data stamp. I would like to lay out the items one after another, ie:

Date xx/xx/xx Time xx.xx Filename xxxx.vwx

but it seems as though I have to have a vertical column. I also want the text smaller than 8pt as I don't need it to be large, just useful for our own reference internally. It would be good to customise the font too.

Another odd thing is that I can only get the US date style for short dates, so today, the 11th of December is coming up 12/11/11 instead of 11/12/11, and I can't find where I can 'fix' this.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

PS I really hope I'm not the only one working on a Sunday ;)

Edit: VW Architect 2012, Mac OS 10.6

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Aloha, Jan:

Don't have all the answers...You can change the font by selecting it then applying the font you like from the "Text" menu. You can also ungroup the date stamp and change anything you want in it. There are groups within the group so you have to go dipper. Unfortunately, you have to do one date stamp at a time.

Have wonderful Sunday

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Assuming you have created your Title Block and have assigned records to the text.

The editing is done through the Resource Browser.

Click on the RB Files arrow and select the current file.

Click on the RB Resources arrow to see Sheet Border and Record Format folders.

The Border (line work) is a symbol.

The text is a Record Format

You can edit the Sheet Border Components and the Record Formats

Edit the Records Format and you can change the date format.

You need to select Number > Date then you can change format to d/m/y instead of m/d/y. There are other options as well.

You create and assign your own text fields. You can show more or less whatever you want.

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Yoginathaswami - ungrouping it didn't even occur to me! :blush:

That worked perfectly, thank you.

Taoist - I haven't got around to doing a 'proper' customised title block yet - so I'm just using a normal symbol with text and a data stamp in it. But it is on my list of stuff to do, (and I actually had a quick attempt at it last night before realising that getting paid work done is more important). That looks very useful for that, thanks!

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Money is a good thing.

It pays the bills.

When you have time, set up your Title Block(s).

Once the information is entered it is on every sheet.

Of course you will need to change the sheet title and number.

If you use multiple printers you will need to create Title Blocks for each of those printers and by sheet size.

You will also need to determine the actual print size based on your printer and sheet size.

I make mine (border) smaller than it will actually print to make sure it gets printed.

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