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VectorWorks uses QuickTime to perform a number of operations within the program. You must have QuickTime installed to be able to utilize these functions. QuickTime 4.x allowed QuickTime 3D to be installed automatically. The latest version of QuickTime, QuickTime 5.0 does not include QuickTime 3D in the typical installation. If you go to Export Image and do not see any image options, or no export image dialog box appears, you may have QT 5 installed without the requiried QD3D component.

To fix this problem, simply reinstall QuickTime 5. You can download it from the QuickTime web site. When you start the installation, be sure to select a Custom installation rather than the default Typical installation. Make sure you select the QuickTime 3d component along with all the components already selected. The best way to ensure you have the corrent components installed is to select everything and install everything.

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I reinstalled Quicktime 5, customizing and adding the 3D Draw options, restarted my computer, but still no go. I opened the file, got it the image that I wanted to export to a jpg, but still when I try to export to image file, nothing happens. No dialog box opens, no options to choose from, just nothing - as if I had not done anything.

What else could I be doing wrong?

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Well, It seemed as though the export was working, but when I go to find the file after I've exported it, it is not anywhere to be found. I export to image, select jpg and the appropriate file location, and save. Once it completes, it returns to the save image file box. If I look in the location where I saved it, nothing. I searched for jpg files by the name I saved it as, and nothing. Any ideas?


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I was able to export a bitmap file. I found it and opened it and everything! smile.gif" border="0 If I need it as a jpg, I can always take it into photoshop and convert it, although there should be a way to export a .jpg, shouldn't there. Would the authoring tools affect what type of file I am able to export to?


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