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Modify Plant Database

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I have FMP and would like to modify the US plant form to include some additional information on maintenance, plant care, etc. I realize that I'll have to add additional records in the db, link them to the forms, etc., etc. But the actual number of plants that I regularly/irregularly use is relatively small so this task should be doable. But to start I need to access the plant database. But I can't seem to open it. Is is locked somehow or in a form that can't be opened? Can I modify the plant database and update its forms to suit me? Do I need to export to Excel and reimport. Is there a primer somewhere on this?


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Sorry. Thought I'd added that to my profile. Landmark.

Can I actually make a FMP copy of the plant database? All I appear to get access to are Runtime and txt files. I'd like to copy the database in FMP, modify or add another layout to that copy, and add that revised plant database to my user folder. Can I do that or is the DB locked for propietary reasons and can't be copied?



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