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Snap to object not working

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All good suggestions. The problem seems to be layer plane. When I switch to screen plane all snaps work fine. OK, so I guess this goes back to my hatred of the screen plane/layer plane mess. Why doesn't VW see my view as 2D when I'm looking straight on in front view? I thought this was fixed in 2012 with automatic working plane. So now switching views is not enough. I also have to switch planes. Not good. Is there some setting I have missed with automatic working plane?

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This is exactly why I keep reverting back to working in Screen Plane only. I wish the \ toggle toggled Automatic / Layer / Screen instead of just turning Automatic on and off.

It totally is a mess. The screen mode snaps are so much more useful than the 3D snaps which are really only half functional. And of course anyone who worked in 3D before the screen/layer plane addition is totally dependent on these snaps as part of a workflow...


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When a building facade isn't parallel to the x-axis


Please you be more specific. Can you post an image or movie that shows this? When I view orthogonal front view, I only see the x and y axis. Any objects I place in that view are always set in that orientation. There are no vanishing points, and everything I see is in one plane.

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When a building facade isn't parallel to the x-axis

Surely in these circumstances, one uses "Look at Working Plane" (which i still have trouble getting to work since the "Planes" Enigma arrived) and this can be reached from a normal 3D view anyway as this is why the various elevation views were realised in the first place, the fact that you can work3D objects in any view is just a bonus of a 3D App. Problem is, despite claims with the new planes iteration, the connections between the two are very limited. Objects and Views continue to change . . . . . . for me anyway.

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I have not used the Hardscape Tool for several VW versions now because I do not like it at all ? rather do it by hand

So recently as it had been ?greatly improved in VW 2012 ? maybe 2011 ? supposedly? decided to give it a burl ? what a convoluted piece of c**p but as I say that - if you wish to use it for pretty things - fine but what about if you wanted to show different things within it turned on and off in different Viewports

Today I tried to put a Hardscape inside a 2d Symbol for a Legend Item within a 2D Legend which itself was a symbol and when I exited the Symbol was told through a pop up ? something like ? you have turned something 2D into 3D so now you will not see me in a 2D view

I reckon the surface of VW is sometimes made to be cool and honky dory ? BUT ? the depths of Vectorworks are un-plumbed and a deep dark science

The lesson I learned today was never use the Hardscape Tool again

Why sometimes as you delve deeper into Symbols, Groups and ?contained geometry? all of a sudden no longer can you see other things whilst in editing modes although you have it ticked in VW Preferences

Sorry to ramble on but how come since I learned recently Screen Plane is a Legacy thingy that is left there because that is how it used to be - today I was drawing away and had not changed nuffin from Layer Plane to Screen Plane and as I tried to add two surfaces together was told both were on different planes ? what whoo back there boy ? I did not do that ? or maybe I did without knowing and that could be the point

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