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Stair Wars!

Sam Combs, AIA, NCARB


Is it just me or is our stair tool still not the sharpest in the toolbox?!

Been playing around with VW2012 and just updated to SP2 and all of a sudden a stair that wasn?t on my upper level appeared! I did go in and changed where the break line occurred and voila!, there it was.

The stair tool seems to still be slower than molasses when opening and closing settings and sometimes you have to zoom out for the changes to show up. I wish there was a better solution for stairs. Hello New Zealand (Jonathan) and Australia (Julian)--any solutions on the horizon?

With the new stories tool (which is an adventure in itself) we seem to have returned to the old days where it is easier to have a stair show up on different levels and just show up in a model as one stair, which is an improvement. But, try and move the stair around either with nudging or the move tool and it is like waiting for Godot. When you use the move tool, the okay button blinks for a minute or so as if to tell you?are you really serious and want to move this thing?! And then it does move like a herd of turtles.

My wish for a serious SP update would be a much more workable stair tool that does not move at a glacial pace!

My system: Mac OS 10.6.8, Mac Pro 2.93 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 8 GB RAM

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We also need to have newel posts and balusters.

Residential style (turned), not just commercial.

At least give us the libraries to choose the newel posts and balusters from.

Railings we can alter using profiles adn such.

This should also have a library to choose from.

These librarys should be a drop down within the stair tool or within the OIP to be able to change after creation as needed.


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