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Section Mark Improvements


This was prompted from reading the previous topic on auto numbering but thought it warranted its own topic.

Let me say I agree completely with that post. I want to draw referenced section lines vertically on my elevations and building sections and link the numbers directly to an existing section viewport. This could work with an independent mark that just links text.

On a different level I would love it if somehow the plan location of these vertical section marks were linked to the Section Viewports as well so a shift in the plan mark moves the corresponding vertical mark. All this while keeping the line length customizable. Currently if you take a Plan SLVP with section marks and display it in an elevation the sections marks stay in the same spot as the plan view. Let me toggle them to display vertically where they belong or have them disappear if parallel to the screen...or just have them automatically shift with each view change. They display in isometric view in DL's but I'm pretty sure they stay on the screen plane only in SLVP's.

On a slight tangent from this I'm trying to figure out how to get plan Section Marks created in a central file to link to satellite files where I develop structural or mechanical plans, etc. I don't believe there is a way. I've taken a Section Viewport and from Section Line Instances turned the marks on in an otherwise empty Design Layer. I have then DLVP'ed that information into my separate satellite file and have displayed the referenced marks well in the design layer. However, there is no way to get those marks to display in the satellite files SLVPs. This is due to the fact that only SLVP's that are toggled on in Section Line Instances will display them and no section can look out into satellite files and control display.

I'd ask that added to this request any section mark displayed in a Design Layer also gets displayed in a SLVP that references that Design Layer regardless of the settings in Section Line Instances. Even without the Satellite File issues I'm having it is a hassle to manage both DL and SLVP lists anyway. Don't take away the SLVP list but this suggestions reduces a lot of clicks.


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Yes, it would be great if Section Lines (and Column Grids) were 3D entities with 2D representations (instances) that could be displayed as desired in section viewports, especially for building elevations, and for building sections, too.

Also, it would be nice if portions of any single section line instance could be disassociated from the actual cut plane and adjusted for the specific viewport: the literal cut plane that works for one floor plan drawing can wreak havoc on another floor...

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