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Top of Wall Capping and Draw Order


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Top of Walls:

Does anyone know how I can get the same effect of wall caps using the wall tool, albeit on top of the wall so that it can be seen in a section viewport?

This means that you can use the outer components of a wall to cap the top face of it.

Otherwise, I'd have to draw something over it in section viewports.

Draw Order:

Also, I have some difficulty bringing stronger lineweights to the front in my section viewport. The core component of the wall, despite having a greater lineweight, seem to be tucked behind the plaster (outer components). Why is there a draw order for section viewports in the first place?



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You can't set the drawing order of walls.

The general drawing order is from which objects are behind others etc...

To solve this problem, I override my classes in a section viewport to have the same line color and thickness. This way it look ok.

For your capping of the top of the wall: I would use a wall and a slab combined. Set the wall components to extend a certain height and set the slab components to extend to so that all fits together.

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Hi DWorks,

Drawing Order:

By this you mean I'd have to go over it again in annotation mode to make sure the lineweights stand out?


How would you use a wall and slab combined?

As in, for a simple cement rendered brick-wall, use the wall tool for the brick-work core and the slab as the cement plaster lining?

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