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Frequent Crashing w/o Cause VW2012

Tom Klaber

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Unfortunately crashing has returned in our office in 2012..! I had thought that the Lion update had sorted it somewhat but we are now having frequent crashes across the office. Some machines crashing 4-5 times daily whilst others less so. All machines are on VW 2012 SP2. All but 2 machines are now on Lion but even those 2 not are crashing. Currently our fileserver is running OSX Server 10.4.11 and whilst its not giving me any other problems I'm wondering could this be a source of the problem.

We are all working on the same project at the moment and are using viewport referencing and symbol references etc and I'm also curious if this could be an issue...? Its getting increasingly frustrating now and we have resorted to 5 minute confirmed autosaves...!!!!

Any ideas...????


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It must be something specific for your office setup, I haven't had any crashes since installing SP2, didn't have many before either?!

Make sure you're not working on files with imported dwgs, that almost always created problems in previous versions (I haven't tried it in 2012 yet).

Better not to use migrated template files either, that led to problems in previous versions too.

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I have noticed that my crashes seem to be initiated by my autosave. Has anybody else noticed this?

I have noticed the same thing.

I increased my auto save time from every 10minutes to about every 40 actions.

This means more saves, but seems to crash far less.

Its frustrating 'command-s' brings tears to the eyes when it crashes. I thought 'command-s' was suppose to be safe; not nerve wracking:)

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This morning I am going to try a few of your suggestions from above. I have noticed that some of our files are also very big (in excess of 100MB...) so I will have a look at that too. There are no imported dwg in our files but almost all of our files on this project would have originated in VW2008. Our deadlines are way to short to allow the time to update our files layer by layer to fresh VW2012 templates.

@MK.... Which Adobe extension was it that was causing the problem...???



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I experienced frequent crashes (several per day) after upgrading to 2011 in July. The problem was resolved (finally, last month) with a better video card. A Nemetchek web page explains that versions newer than 2008 place much higher demands on the video card and warned particularly about my original video card (Nvidia GeForce 7300). In September one person at VW Tech Support said this was a problem with Windows computers but Macs should not be affected but the new card has resolved my problem. It still crashes ocassionally but only VW- not the overall system freeze-up that was previously occurring. My Mac Pro is several years old and had only 256 MB of VRAM. I found a used card with 512. There does not seem to be any new ones available for machines this old. We have 2012 on hand but have not loaded it.

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