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Renders showing bleeding over edges

Tom G.

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I'm in Vwks 2012, SP1, Mac. I have a model with an HDRI sky and a sun. Everything looks great and so far I'm processing the image exactly as I have in past versions of Vwks. I have set my VP to 300 dpi, saved the image out to my desktop as a jpeg at 300 dpi and proceeded to print on very good paper on a pretty good printer which, under 2011 and back, has printed crisp 3D images. What I'm seeing of my exteriors rendered in 2012, in Renderworks Style>Realistic Exterior Final, is that I'm getting pixel bleed of roofing onto my gable ends, for instance, and even image bleeding slightly outside the border of my print area. I've tried two different papers, one made specifically for the HP printer. I tried using Custom Renderworks while keeping Blur set to low. It prints the same. I'm printing with my highest settings on the HP printer (DesignJet 130nr).

I really like the general feel of the photo and a little blur adds to the effect. I'm just not sure what to make of this consistent bleed across certain high contrast edges. Oddly, the sky prints clean but the gravel driveway shows a ragged line where the gravel pixels seem to stray outside the print boundary. Anybody experience something similar?


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In fact it was my printer. The HP 130nr showed rough textures--those from

the roofing and that of the driveway--spilling slightly over their edges. Other elements throughout the printing field maintained their borders. Odd.

My Canon Pro 9500 prints properly.

Thanks for your indulgences.


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