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LED panel


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I'm just about ready to upgrade to Spotlight. I use a lot of custom made LED panels in our productions. (a light box with LED belts inside and a white backlit film on the front). Will I be able to create a custom instrument in Spotlight that replicates this? I would like to cue these lights in my rendering using the ETC Ion board. So each panel would need a Red, Green, and Blue channel that could be mixed.

My panels are various sizes. Lots of 2' x 2' squares. Some long troughs, 6" x 12'.

Kansas City Barbecue for any Spotlight expert that could help with this.



VW 2010 with Renderworks

Windows 7

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Seems mostly doable ... You will likely have to create custom fixtures and play with them to get the "look" exactly right.

But (as far as I know) there is not a way to control the lights in your rendering from a lighting console. To do this, you would have to go to some sort of pre-visualization software, such as ESP Vision, Light Converse, Martin Show Designer, WYSIWYG, Capture, etc.

The only way to control the lighting in a Vectorworks Spotlight (aka VW SL) scene is through the VW SL interfaces.

Good luck!

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