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Orthogonal View problems


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Help please!

I am trying to develop some orthogonal views. I've tried the RW camera tool & the Set 3D View tool. I get the foreground objects in the views when selecting 'orthogonal'. Perspective seems to work correctly. Oh, and when I say foreground objects, I'm referring to objects that would actually be behind the point of view. IE I'm in a room with a door behind me and windows ahead of me. If I create a view looking at the window wall I see the door wall in orthogonal view but not in a perspective view. I just want to see the window wall in an orthogonal view.

I am using VW 2009. Maybe this has been changed in 2010, 2011, or in 2012???

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Thank you for the response.

I went back to some older versions of VW that I have and it's the same functionality (or lack there of). VW 11, VW12, VW 2008.

This seems like a major flaw in the software. Why even be able to select Orthogonal if you end up getting all of this extraneous (wrong) information.

What really bugs me is the idea that every year we are supposed to pay for a new version of the software with more and better features and yet very basic features are ignored.

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As bcd suggests, try the Section Viewport command. It's in the View menu. Check out VW help for how to use it. It sections either a model or an existing viewport of a model and adds a section marker/line, but otherwise does not alter the model or the VP being sectioned. The new section view appears as a new viewport on a sheet layer you specify during creation. A new Section Style class is also created.


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bcd, & Benson,

Thank you for your suggestion. I am familiar with the 3d section tool and it works fine to create a basic elevation. I think I need to look closer into the newly created Section Style class.

What then becomes difficult for me is if I wish to edit the section viewport, I'm thrown back to the design layer (which makes sense) except I'm back to viewing all information in the current view (objects behind as well as objects in front of) the view that I may wish to edit. I guess the only way to do that is to create a group of the wall or area in question and then to do my editing within the group (with viewing other objects turned off). A concern that I have with this method, if it still operates as it used to, is that when grouping objects objects take on the class of the group and lose their previous class designation. I guess I should play with this again, however I recall that used to be an issue with older versions.

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The way you described your viewing issue it would seem as if instead of using the camera tool you zoomed in. Although I know you mentioned you tried using the camera tool so I am ruling this option out.

If you take the split tool (the exacto cutter icon) and cut anything that would be in the foreground that is impeding your desired view off and move it you could be able to get to the view you want. This is kind of a bootlegged way to get around the problem but it should work.

Imagine you are placing your camera in the middle of a triangular room and just want an orthogonal view in the direction of the triangle's base (in plan view) after placing the camera you can take the split tool and just cut off the top of the triangle that is behind your camera and move it to the side. then get your view and move it back if you wish.

Note: If you are trying to do an accurate rendering that would need the foreground objects in order to render reflected light accurately this would not work.

I have never needed to use the orthogonal camera so I tried it in a file I had open and I get the same issue and I am using VW2012.

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Right, Ben - I think you are asking for live viewports wherein the design layer objects can be edited from within the view and other conditions of the viewport. Unfortunately, this is not currently available in VW. Post it to the wish list area!

A great proposal for live 3d viewports is digtalmechanic's Edit Cube:


Explore classing further. Grouped objects can retain their own classes. Reserve a class for this purpose, eg None, with the Use at Creation option is disabled. The group can be ungrouped when edit is complete.


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