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Property Line Tool: Apparent Bugs

Luke Gilmer

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I'm using VW 2012, using the Property Line Tool. There seem to be significant bugs ... how do I report these problems to VW?

So far:

*The Property Line Tool while drawing generates an extra, unwanted vertex on the second line input, making it in operable.

*Changes made for a selected Property Line in Object Info, selecting "Move: Vertex Only" doesn't work ... the entire Property Line object moves.

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I know that this is an old topic, but although others have found that SP4 fixes the "extra segment" problem, we have seven users/computers (running XP, 7 (32 bit) and 7 (64 bit - all on a SBS 2011 Domain) who are all unable to satisfactorily create a simple site plan.

We have requested help from our local dealer who has contacted Nemetschek, but so far no satisfactory answer!

We know how to remove the extra segments(s) within the edit property line or reshape tool, but we simply want the tool to work as it should without creating unwanted boundaries/segments.

Did you submit a bug report and/or ever resolve the problem???

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The fact is the PL Tool needs an update so it can function better. It would be nice to also have the ability to draw a shape (presumably a Lot) and then apply a single known value to a segment. As here is my square box in space and now I can choose one segment and give it a northing and easting with the other legs automatically calculated. This would be great for site layout of multiple lots.

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After hours wasted and unhelpful communication with Vectorworks technical support we found a solution to the extra segment and closing issues with the property line tool that works for us and may work for you.

Feel free to send me a PM and I'll let you know what we did!

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