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Worksheet Vertical Text Issue VW2012

Tom Klaber

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I just updated to 2012 yesterday. The conversion looks fine except that my schedules that used to have vertical text headers are displayed horizontally. When I double click and enter the edit mode - the text appears correctly - but when I exit and view the worksheet on the document, all vertical text is displayed as horizontal text. Funny little glitch that is actually causing some headaches as I now redo my schedules in Excel.

Any ideas?


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Having the same issue. Haven't found a solution. Would it be possible in the short term to leave the headings blank and draft the text in over top of your worksheet object in the layer you are displaying them. Then group them together. Perhaps better then excel.

Julian Carr's (OzCAD) Worksheet On Drawing PIO could possibly solve it. Not sure if it works in VW2012, however.

Haven't tried either solution yet and might largely depend on exactly how your worksheet is laid out.

Ideally the bug gets fixed in short order.


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Just discovered this. Very frustrating, as I'm about o go to bid on 3 different projects, all with multiple schedules that will have to be kludged together.

The weirdest thing is that, when I went to edit the Default file (to make fonts & sizes per my preferences), the vertical text started out vertical, but when I edited and closed the edit window, it all went horizontal.

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Just checked and Julian Carr's Worksheet On Drawing PIO does work in VW2012 and does produce angled or vertical text in a single worksheet row or partial row. We bought this years ago (VW12?) before vertical text was possible in worksheets. I believe he abandoned its development about that time (or even earlier) as it became obsolete by VW2008.

I did get a crash the first time I used it in VW2012 but it worked fine a few times thereafter.

It doesn't appear the WorkSheet on Drawing is on his website anymore but he may be convinced to make it available.



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