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Lines in Artistic Renderworks

J?rgen Jansson

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Hallo J?rgen,

I rekon, that you used the Cartoon Render Mode for the Pictures.

I've tried with a Sample File, and got the same results as you.

Then I exported the File to C4d,

The first Renders with C4d looked the same as in VW.

Then I modified the Cartoon Sketch Style, so that the missing edges are shown.

Unfortunately these modification can't be done in VW, because these settings are not available inside of VW.

I could try to render the Image for you in C4d.

... or somebody at Nemetschek modifies the Settings inside the sketch_styles

and publishes them.... ;-)

regards Horst M.

Edited by Horst M.
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Hallo Dave,

See the Dokument attached.

Sorry for the German. I could reset C4D to English if you don't come along with the Sketch attached.

The Lines that J?rgen was missing appear when I check Kanten(Phong) eng.: Edges(phong).

If I check Kanten Eng.: Edges, I get diagonal Lines in the CubeSurfaces.

I didn't explore that further.

The 2nd and 3rd modification are made to get edges drawn, that are

created by intersecting Objects. (The same thing as Good old Line render Problem in VW).

Regards Horst M.

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I am using the Pen (Thick and Thin) mode and I still see the issue.

I have tried changing the thickness and it makes no difference.

J?rgen: I dont understand the part you mention about "adding a foreground Hidden Line render". Can you provide more details on how I achieve this please?

I guess this bug relates to all Artistic Render modes???

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