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Polygon Editing ObJ Info

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Greetings.This is more a subject for the suggestions list, but I think is interesting forthe general discussion as well.

I was explaining some 2d polygon editing with VW to an AutoCAD user. She at firsthad some difficulties drawing a polygon typing lengths and angles in the data fields.Then she saw how easy is to directly resize a rectangle by stretching one side of it andinteractively typing the final length for that side. With the rectangle as an object you get the initial length the moment you start modifying it in the data field. With polygons you cannot.So she asked me if there was a way to edit a polygon the same way so that she could roughly draw a polygon and then with the Obj. info adjust length and angles of each segment. Right now, in the Obj. Info we have absolute coordinates of the polygon so we don?t know the length of each segment, just the position in space. I guess it would work best with a preview of the polygon in the Obj Info palette. I think is a good idea; it would make 2d editing even more flexible.

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Giovanni, In the OIP, you can edit the vertices of a polygon. By switching the Move drop down box to Vertex Only. If you need to edit a vertex, you can add the distance you want to move the vertex by to the x or y value.

Of course, polygons are not rectangles/squares and do not have parallel sides. This is the reasoning behind why you can't do that with polygons.

Matt's ideas are good as well.

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