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Heliodon indirect Lighting not exported to Movie.

Horst M.

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I:ve tried to use the Heliodon Tool to animate the SunLighting in a Place during

a day.

I rendered the Camera View with Custom RW, set all options Low, and

the indirect Lighting to 1 Bounce for testing.

If I chose the Camera view for the Solar animation, and Export a Quicktime,

The indirect lighting seems to calculated, but the result is not exported to

the Movie. I get just the direct lighting through the WIndows.

Is it a Bug, or am I missing something.

VW Samplefile attached. (please change .txt to .zip for unpacking after download)


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Grant, thanks for your generous offer.

What I was trying to do is, to animate the Sunlight that comes into a Venue for a certain date and time.

The Venue has a lot of Windows and Glass, and for some Projects, it would be good to know in advance, how Daylight comes and goes into that Space.

The Daylight fadeout timing in the Sundown is of important interest for Video supported Events.

The first tests with the Heliodon and the Sample file above were very promising.

Now that I know that it could work, the bigger Part of the Job is to Model the Venue: A Memorial from 1900 with lot of very detailed Steel structure.

My experience with 3D Models is, that it needs a certain depth of detailing

to create renderings that are helpful for decisions.

Once I have the Model in a sufficient way, I will render the Animation it with (my own) ;-) C4D, but inside of Vectorworks it would have been very smart,

and I could have checked the result more iterative during the Modeling, and it would have been easier to "feed" nervous Colleagues with some Top Secret preliminaries.

Regards Horst M.

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