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Renderworks rendering not working - shows up blank

Greg Miller

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Just started a new model. I can view the model and render in OpenGL and all of my objects and textures show up. But, switching to Renderworks (any of the renderworks options), the model just goes completely white. I can move my cursor over the model and see the objects hilighting, but nothing renders. I can go back to OpenGL, but sometimes I have to turn a light on and off again for the OpenGL to re-render.

I have been doing this for years, never had this problem. Assumed it is something simple (and dumb), but cannot figure it out. Any ideas?


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just new on the forum but old French user of Vw

I had the same problems, you have to check if your surface is closed or if lines are not overlapping when you create the surface before extruding. If this happens then render is not working. do not hesitate to zoom a lot on the connecting points. Being careful since version 12,5, I don?t know if the new rendering engine (V2011) have solve or not the question; obviously not.

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I was having problems in v.2011 when doing orbit point fly-arounds in Open GL in which the movie seemed to have no content--it was blank. Trying it in a different rendering mode would then work--taking much more time to produce, of course.

Now, having upgraded to 2012, that problem seems to have gone away.


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I have a problem with Renderworks 2012 when multiple layers are used.

If I render a scene in Open GL it renders fine with layers operating for the various components.

If I then try to render in fast or final Renderworks the scene will 'blink' on as a render but will leave the scene blank.

If more than one layer is operating at the same time there appears to be a bug which simply will not allow the screen to render. I have been able to work around the issue by making a final render with all objects on one layer.

All layers have visibility switched on.

Any suggestions?


iMac 27" 2.7 GHz [nice machine but runs hot while rendering]

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