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Curved Wall in 3D?


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What is the simplest way to create a 3D curved wall?

I used the Arc tool, made the outside radius I wanted, then again for the inside wall radius. Connected the ends of the arcs using the line tool. Composed all. Extruded. But it does not come out as a solid. Only a wireframe shell (I just did an open GL rendering).

In general I have a lot of problems using any type of curved line and trying to create a 3D object. Using polyline, freehand etc, I never get solid objects when I extrude. What is the process I should be using.

Thanks so much.

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Also make sure the source poly of the extrude is closed. Edit the extrude, select the poly, and tick the "Close" box near bottom of OIP. A missed snap on the end lines would mean an extra vertex and extra, blank segment resulting in an open poly. Extrusions of open polys render hollow with no top or bottom surfaces, even if the poly has fill.

Adding fill to the extrude or to its source poly gives color to the "walls", otherwise, it renders wireframe.


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